Spirit Trapped in Center of Many Paths
End of Hidden Path with Aconitum, Glories, Digitalis, and Millipede
Fossilized Organic Remnants Piled in Mouldering Sarcophagus
Sound of Single Flute Piercing the Vast Emptiness
Red Witch of the Woods Preparing Occlusion Pulp
Ovoid Celestine Mass Dropping Luminous Seed into Primordial Ocean
Mist Rolling Past Petrified Figure at Entrance to Forgotten Garden
Spectral Orbs Hovering Outside Root-Choked Sepulcher
Body at Rest Upon Excarnation Altar Among the Beasts of Dream
Embedded Grief-Trapping Stone with Ferns, Datura, and Monk's Hood
Watchful Presence Consumed Wholly by Green Hand of Elder Forest
Masked Stalker Among Fog at Dusk
Lost and Dreaming Half-Spirit Emerges from Umbral Mists
Poisoned Human Remains Heaped on Stairs
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