My current work focuses on an unnamed culture of people living in a mysterious, heavily-forested world. While I make it a point to not be explicit about any concrete narrative happenings, there is a clear framework of visual and thematic motifs involved: reverence for nature, the use of masks and various obscuring garb, cycles of life-death-dream, structures in differing stages of ruin, ritual and witchcraft, the space between visible and invisible environments, and the true nature of man. The smaller works are supplemental - images of idols perhaps used in every day life for various means of protection or intensification - and are intended to be seen as artifacts one might find within the larger world. The time and place depicted in my paintings is not made clear, but the setting is, I can say with certainty, very far removed from modernity and anything involving current times. 

I was born near Detroit in 1987. Outside of the most elementary art classes in public school, I am a self-taught artist. I have dabbled for as long as I can remember, and decided to truly begin practicing at the beginning of 2016.